Only The Information You Need To Make Consistent Money In The Stock Market

MarketsPath offers everyone a smart, successful and rewarding investment experience. Whether you’re a seasoned, advanced-level trader with a clear perspective of the market or a new investor looking for the right techniques and information to begin your first successful trades, we have the solid advice and market interpretation you need.

We look for the quick 2-7 day trades that yield 50%-100%-200% per option trade!

We don’t offer a magic formula or a Big Picture idea –those don’t work for anyone. We focus on the short term moves lasting 2-7 days that yield 50%-100%-200% on our option trades in days. We offer a unique approach to market timing and entering trades and don’t try and be perfect. This allows us to make money even when we are wrong with the direction. Learn More

You don’t have to be glued to your computer-we do that for you

We are not a day trading service. We look for trades that will last 2-7 days, but yield huge returns very fast. Our e-mail trade alerts will give you step by step instructions on how we are entering and managing our open positions. You simply set it and forget it until the next e-mail alert. See sample e-mail alerts

We only focus on the Russell 2000

There are so many trading instruments out there-indexes-sectors-stocks and there will be money rotating from one place to another. So we focus our trades only on the Russell 2000 and the ETF’s. We understand how it trades. When money will rotate in and out and take advantage of our expertise to make consistent profits in a short period of time. See our most recent trades.

Our approach to trading advice and investing follows these four tools and techniques:

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